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Wallpaper - computer desktops / background images#### Description #Welcome to Wallpaper!

An excellent place to find every type of wallpaper possible. This collaboration of over 1,750,000 users contributing their unique finds makes /r/wallpaper one of the most active wallpaper communities on the web.

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  • Post Titles consist

  • The image resolution. e.g. [1280×1024]

  • A description of the image. e.g. Batman Logo

  • Do not request a wallpaper (EG: Can someone turn this into a wallpaper?, Anyone have something similar to this?)

  • Submit direct links to images or imgur albums only.

  • Desktop computer screen resolutions size images only.

  • Add the source details in a comment if requested.

  • No URL shorteners / screenshots / NSFW / smut / requests.

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