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We are joining many subreddits in condemning child abuse and censorship. Reddit has hired a known enabler & protector of a convicted child rapist & torturer. Mentions of their name are being removed, and the posters banned. We are private in protest of Reddit's conduct; we demand actionable statements from the admins.

Below are the facts as we understand them now. This is an evolving situation, and we will keep you updated, but the urgency of the issue demands action.

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  • interviews
  • Bill Gates Interview
  • Warren Buffett and Jay-Z On The Power of Luck

  • psychology

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A look at the culture and economy of the wealthy, especially of successful entrepreneurs. Trends, tools, and psychology.

1 submission rule: dry or spammy submissions are removed, so please only submit content that produces an intense rush of intellectual fervor or excitement upon reading. Spammers will be banned with no need for a prior warning, so don't do it - this includes self-promotion or solicitation.

If it's about wealth and it tickles your brain, submit it!

DISCLAIMER REGARDING SELF-POST SURVEYS: We know nothing about the survey, can't vouch for it, don't know if it is phishing or anything like that or legitimate and aren't going to investigate them. Click links at your risk. Answer questions at your risk. Think carefully before doing so.

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