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A community dedicated to all things web development: both front-end and back-end. For more design-related questions, try /r/web_design.#### Description

  • Beginner question? Try the FAQ first! or the WebDev Resources Post then post in the Beginner Questions thread
  • Help fill out the wiki

Posting Guidelines

  1. No vague product support questions (like "why is this plugin not working" or "how do I set up X"). For vague product support questions, please use communities relevant to that product for best results. Specific issues that follow rule 6 are allowed.

  2. Do not post memes, screenshots of bad design, or jokes. Check out /r/ProgrammerHumor/ for this type of content.

  3. Read and follow reddiquette; no excessive self-promotion. Please refer to the Reddit 9:1 rule when considering posting self promoting materials.

  4. We do not allow any commercial promotion or solicitation. Violations can result in a ban.

  5. Sharing your project, portfolio, or any other content that you want to either show off or request feedback on is limited to Showoff Saturday. If you post such content on any other day, it will be removed.

  6. If you are asking for assistance on a problem, you are required to provide

    • Context of the problem
    • Research you have completed prior to requesting assistance
    • Problem you are attempting to solve with high specificity
  7. General open ended career and getting started posts are only allowed in the pinned monthly getting started/careers thread. Specific assistance questions are allowed so long as they follow the required assistance post guidelines.

    Questions in violation of this rule will be removed or locked.

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kept saying
boot camp
coming from
dark mode
right away

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