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Welcome to r/wewontcallyou! This is a subreddit where you can share your stories about interviews that went really, really badly#### Description ###r/wewontcallyou Discord

Welcome to r/wewontcallyou! This is a subreddit where you can share your stories or images of applications or interviews that went really, really badly, to the the point where the candidate wasn't called back (oh my god it's in the title!) You can post some short stories, medium stories, essays, or even novellas, as well as images of applications or things that fit within the theme of the subreddit.


  1. Don't be a prick. Like if you call someone retarded you're obviously going to get banned. Slurs, insults, and derogatory terms are not allowed. Like, just don't be an idiot.

  2. Flair posts correctly. A paragraph to three is a short story, around four to seven would be medium, around eight to fifteen would be long, and an epic has to be like an actual story and not just an anecdote. And obviously an image is, well, an image.

  3. Your posts have to be relevant to what this subreddit is even about: stories, anecdotes, or images of bad interviews or applications (whether you were the interviewer or interviewee).

  4. Do not plagiarize (which means to take credit for something you are not responsible for) stories from this subreddit, other subreddits, or other websites or media. Crossposting is allowed, stealing stories is not.

  5. Images are only allowed if it's an image of an application or a short anecdote or story or otherwise related to the theme of the subreddit.

  6. You can doubt a story happened, but don't just say something like "r/thathappened."

  7. This subreddit demands high quality submissions. This means text posts must be formatted correctly, have reasonably good grammar and spelling, and be original and entertaining. Images must not be reposts, memes, shitposts, or other low quality, circlejerking nonsense. The community's reaction to certain content will have an impact on whether or not certain posts are allowed to stay up. However, even if a submission gets a thousand upvotes that is not a guarantee it will not be removed.

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