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Welcome to the War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius subreddit!#### Description ####WOTV FFBE x FINAL FANTASY VI Collaboration


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  • Relevance. Your thread must be War of the Visions related. Search before posting and don't repost things that have been recently posted

  • No Gacha, RNG or showoff posts. Please use use the daily Show Off / Roll thread to post your good/bad luck/accomplishments including Gacha pulls, whimsy shop rolls and weapon upgrading.

  • Use the Daily Help Thread other Megathreads. Basic questions belong in the Daily Help thread. Find a guild in the Guild recruitment thread, or try Discord. Read the Megathread Index and post in the linked threads when relevant.

  • Use Spoiler Tag. Use >! !<(text inside) to talk about new story content less than 1 week old.

  • No hacks, cheating or account selling. No discussion of hacking the game, cheating, or any other violations of the game's Terms of Service. Selling accounts is NOT allowed. There's a giveaway channel on Discord.

  • No NSFW. Zero tolerance towards NSFW or inappropriate or illegal content.

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